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Why use wooden boxes for wine?

A bottle of top red wine should have a top red wine wooden box to store it.
So why use wooden boxes for wine in the first place?
From the point of view of red wine;
It has been claimed that red wine is a living wine, and numerous studies have found that ultraviolet radiation in the air is the root cause of premature maturation of active cells in the wine, making the wine taste bad.
So how can we better block UV exposure and extend the life cycle of active cells in wine?
It has been found that only wooden boxes are good at blocking ultraviolet rays.
Then, other materials do not have this function?
The answer, of course, is no.
There are a number of materials that are also very good at blocking UV penetration.
However, other materials, while blocking the penetration of ULTRAVIOLET rays, also cut off the circulation and replacement of air, so that the air in the package cannot be replaced, which in different degrees will have a certain impact on the wine in the bottle.
Wooden boxes do not have such problems.