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Our core values:
Integrity, Responsibility, Dedication, Passion, Innovation, Win-win

Every company has its own culture and ideas. From the very beginning we regulate our code of conduct and service consciousness:

1 . Maintain Passion

SAWTRU seeks to maintain company culture, regardless of what will be the growth and development of the company, with long lasting passion  SAWTRU will keep that spell, the start up period of daring, efficient decision-making mode.

2 . Customer First

Smile in the face of problems, and actively work to solve customer problems. Communicate with customers in the process, even if it is not their responsibility, do not shirk from the obligation to think about things from the client's point of view, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction with the company, service consciousness.

3 . Efficiency First,Focus on Effect

The allocation of resources takes efficiency as the first priority, ensures the efficient use of resources, and results as a measure of success

4 . Team Work

Having the same target, tacit coordination, no complaints, no prevarication, and dare to take responsibility:learn new things.

Each of our colleagues have the spirit of the enterprise into their blood. With the corporate culture for their own behavior, to better serve customers, always do the best for the clients.