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Why are wooden boxes used as packaging boxes?

Wooden box packaging is a commonly used packaging container in the circulation field, and its usage is second only to corrugated boxes. Wooden box packaging is often used in the outer packaging of various high-end consumer goods due to its ancient and heavy texture. For example: food gift boxes, red wine gift boxes, health care products, watch boxes, etc. Because the wooden box has a solid skeleton structure, it has better shock and torsion resistance, greater pressure resistance, and its loading capacity is larger than other materials. In order to protect the internal goods from collisions, the packaging wooden boxes are often lined with sponges and foam plastics. Due to the exquisite material selection, workmanship and accessories, the quotation of wooden box packaging is higher than other packaging methods. Moreover, the quotation of logs is relatively expensive. In order to save costs, MDF is used as an alternative, and the quality and density as good as longs.
Benefits of wooden box packaging:
①heavy mechanical, good rigidity, strong resistance to mechanical damage, and can withstand big machine. 
②Wooden box packaging has good elasticity and important products it is an ideal container for loading large and heavy products. 
③The wood has strong corrosion resistance, does not rust, and does not pollute the contents. It is suitable for packaging corrosive chemical products. 
④The wooden box packaging is easy to process, can be made with very simple tools, the trial production and improvement is also very simple. 
⑤The wooden box packaging can be recycled and reused, so the packaging cost is low, and it can be used comprehensively when it becomes waste. 
⑥The wooden box packaging is convenient for hoisting, and it is convenient for stacking during transportation and storage, and can make full use of the effective space. 
⑦Packed in wooden box made of plywood, the appearance is more beautiful, and it has a certain degree of durability, moisture resistance and moisture resistance. 
⑧ Realizing commodity value and use value, and is a means to increase commodity value.
⑨ protect products from natural factors such as suns, winds, rains, dusts, etc. and prevent volatilization, leakage, melting, collision, squeezing, and scattering loss.