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What are the advantages of wooden box packing?

(1) The wooden box can protect the contents of the box from damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration.
During the period from production to use, protection measures are very important. If the wooden box cannot protect the contents, the packaging box is a failure.
(2) For identification purposes, the type, quantity, brand of the product and the name of the manufacturer or retailer shall be indicated on the wooden case.
Wooden boxes can help warehouse managers pinpoint products and help consumers find what they want.
(3) Wooden boxes promote the sales of certain brands, especially in self-service stores.
In the store, the wooden box grabs the customer's attention and turns it into an interest.
Some say, "Every wooden box is a lasting billboard."
Good packaging can make a new product more attractive, and the value of the box itself can also give consumers an incentive to buy a product.
In addition, increasing the appeal of wooden boxes is cheaper than raising unit prices.