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The Wood Tray in Time

It is said that growth is like running on the highway which cannot be stopped once we start. I had been away from hometown for more than ten years, and when I returned to my house, I was always remind of my childhood memories. Nevertheless, for all these memories are related to the tray on the coffee table.
The wood tray was created by my mother who is a designer. When we got the tray, we just regarded it as a simple and beautiful tray. Because my sister was so fussy about her food, my mother wanted to use a tray to attract my sister's attention and eat more
Sometimes we find it magical because we ate all the food in the tray before we went to bed, and we found that it was filled with fresh food again when we got up the next morning, so we also named it magical tray.
This wooden tray has only two years of glorious history for serving food, and then it was used by my sister for other purposes. One day she had a genius idea, she took the tray outside, filled it with soil, water, and green plants in the tray to build the house and the back yard garden in her mind when our mother was not at home. Because of the work, my mother recognized her talent and permitted her to do anything that she wanted to do. From then on, the great architect gradually became famous under the cultivation of our mother after 10 years.
What's more, the home decor tray also played an important role in winter. In the square, the tray is skateboard that we played with because my sister and I were sitting on the tray and then our father pulled us up and down. The laughter in the square was one of the most unforgettable memories of our childhood.
There is no amount of extravagant items that can buy the great memories, but fortunately, the simple wood trays recalled us so many great memories.