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The secret in the wooden box

The wooden box that had been sealed for a long time was finally opened by John. And there was a kite in the shape of a bird in the box, which interpreted John's half of his life.
John's best brother is Mike, they grew up together, and Mike's father is a servant of John's family. At a kite festival, they flew kites together, but John's kite was blown away by the wind, Mike looked for the direction where the kite was flying, and John followed him behind. But when John saw Mike was being bullied by other rich young boys in a corner, he curled up in the dark corner and didn't dare to stand up and help Mike. The evening came sooner, Mike returned home with the kite intact and handed the kite to John, but John threw it on the ground. Because he thought that it was a thorn in his heart, which represented his weak and incompetent. Later, John was even more exaggerated to frame Mike for stealing and drive him out of house. A few months later, John and his father moved to the United States for long time.
Years later, when John heard that Mike was actually his brother, he felt regret and pain. When the middle-aged John accidentally heard about Mike, he ignored the danger and went to his hometown of Afghanistan to start the salvation. But everything has already changed as time goes on. John, who finally returned to his hometown, witnessed the changes in his hometown. Wars continued and the people were gone through the hardships of living. At the same time, he saw the old butler who still lived the old house, and knew the information of Mike’s death. At the same time, he took a large wooden box from the old butler’s hand. The old butler said it was Mike who wanted to give it to John but never had a chance to present it out. Mike died, but John did not stop his salvation, because Mike's son Arc fell into the danger of John's enemies.
He tried his best to find Mike's son Sohrab, and he finally brought Sohrab home safely to the United States with countless scars, humiliations and battles. However, Sohrab was so emotionally painful that he completely lost his feelings. Only when John talked about the kite would he laugh unconsciously. Finally he took out the wooden box and opened the lock, what surprised him was it was the kite in the box that they chased before when they are children. Suddenly, he frlt sad and joy, because he could finally face to the kite and face to Mike in his heart at this time.
This story may not be perfect. Perhaps it is a bit bitter and sorrowful. But life is like that, making mistakes and spending a lifetime for the salvation. Fortunately, John could finally face the kite in his mind.