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How to decorate it with wooden wine boxes?

Red wine wooden boxes are now mostly good to look at, said it was a pity to throw away, do not throw away useless and feel that it takes up space.
What to do?
With a few simple treatments, the wine box can be transformed into anything you want and can think of. The key is to return the aroma to its full effect.
Take a look at how to diy a wooden wine box.
1.Make it a romantic decoration for a candlelit dinner.As the bottom shelf box, put candles, plant, etc., may be the most red wine wooden box the most romantic DIY.

2.Fresh plant box.
Planted above red wine wood box full of like household plants, put on the sitting room table, come home from work to see this box of green plants, the mood will be good.
3.Simple and fashionable pendant, total idle home has no place to place a few small things?
Try this method!
4.Used for cooling chutes, bathroom storage, garage storage, etc. This red wine wooden box also looks good with plumbing fixtures
5.Take a bit to restore ancient ways receive a box, the earring necklace that finds out to take rarely at ordinary times decorates one time, the art that takes before also sends go up in use, the wooden box after greatly changing a body, full is memory completely.