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How the wooden box should be designed?

 Wooden box is made of various kinds of wood, using many techniques and designed into different styles. It is not only a solid and durable box, but also a very high grade box when it is given as a gift. It is the first choice for many people. So how the wooden box should be designed?
      The design of wooden box is different according to material, general market USES acid branch wood, rosewood, pine to make a box.
Wooden boxes are generally designed to take advantage of the compactness of the wood.
The first kind: use sliding cover means, make box of 3 sides first, add two to be able to use sliding groove in top surface again, the way that the top cover is parallel sliding cover, use very, the appearance looks to have no aperture also to have no screw.
The second way is to open and close the box by adding a lock. This style of wooden box is a combination of wood and metal, which is similar to the box of ancient treasures. The lock way shows that the contents in the box are more precious, so many wooden boxes adopt this design way.
The third kind: it is open and close directly, without any lock.
This kind of wooden box appearance is all wood, looks primitive, simple, but also by many people's love.
Fourth kind: multilayer push-pull type wooden box.
In the design, in order to store items in different categories, multi-layer push-pull can also be used to make the items neatly placed and stored.
The general shape of the wooden box has a very unique design.
For example, it is usually carved on a wooden box, there are many kinds of patterns on the wooden box, there are many beautiful places worth our appreciation.
Wooden boxes can also be designed into many shapes, such as the common rectangle, square, can be designed into the heart, polygon and various irregular shapes.
Above wooden box is made with lumber, actually the design of wooden box also can use a variety of material to pledge combination and become, on the market, add a few adornment sex things more, wait like all sorts of metal and jewelry, do bottom with lumber, those adornment sex thing is to be able to add a icing on the cake namely, more good-looking.
Today's wooden boxes also incorporate ribbons, which are folded into various shapes, and also add some texture to the boxes.
This is all about the exterior design of the wooden box, now let's talk about the interior design of the wooden box.
The inside of the wooden box is generally filled with some anti-compression and vibration brocade cloth and cotton, foam-raised things, so that things will not be damaged, to ensure the safety of the items.
And the interior of the brocade cloth generally hold different things and different colors, dark colors of things generally with a little bit of bright brocade, if it is gold jewelry is generally used in black or dark green brocade cloth.