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How important is a beautiful box?

James has a beautiful pearl, and he wants to sell it.He decided to make a box of very precious wood and spices for the pearl. And many beautiful patterns with kingfisher feathers were carved on the outside of the box. A customer held the box in his hand for a long time and finally paid a high price for James's box. But a few days later the customer came back with the box. The customer handed the pearl to James and said, "Sir, what I bought is only one box. You put the pearl in the box. I came back on purpose to give it back to you. “So he gave the pearl to James and walked back.
If a product is beautifully packaged, it will be very attractive and help to sell the product at a higher price.
For customers, the exquisite wooden box packaging box can also be reused, such as for storage or other things.
Beautiful packaging is very popular, if it is a holiday gift, then the person who received this gift will be very surprised and moved.