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An Unsigned Gift

A young man met a young lady, who is a doctor, in a chocolate store in France in 2019. They fell in love with each other quickly, so that they embraced and kissed each other sweetly and had a lovely life. After one year, the man planned to propose to the lady, but it was postponed by a war of COVID-19. The man knew that the lady has her own responsibility and mission, but he still implored her to change her mind. However, the lady rejected his plea and determined to participate in the rescue. Finally, they gave them a goodbye kiss by the Seine River and promised to get married immediately if she came back after three months.

For the beautiful promise, the man began to prepare the wedding gift carefully. Because the lady liked chocolate, he decided to design a special kind of wooden chocolate box for her. From the design, material cutting, molding, printing, post processing, final product, quality checking to packing, he completed it by himself step by step. And the alphabet LOVE on the top of box was carved by him with knife. Perhaps it is love that gives him the power to take action, so he didnt care about himself even
Finally, a diamond ring was in the middle of the box, which ran out of his money, surrounded by the most popular and delicious chocolate. He was full of joy after completing the design and looked forward to his brides return.
After three month, when people celebrated for the return of those brave soldiers, he could not wait for his bride any more. It is said that she got the virus and passed away half a month ago. The man knelt down in the hospital with deep grief.
And the chocolate box in his arms was fallen to the ground and the chocolate inside was scattered all over the hospital. Only the ring lay in the box with faint light, as if it had found and responded to its owner.